Hi everybody,
I have a question about purchasing a product which I do not know the name of or where to buy from. I have the following requirements for a PDA but can somebody point me to a few links of where I can buy such a device.
My requirements are as follows:
* A Infrared camera on the PDA
* A video camera at the same angle as the infrared camera so they share the same view
* 480x360 sized touch screen where fingers can press the screen in addition to a plastic pen.
* A USB port for data transfer
* 16GB harddrive
* 1GB ram
* 1.26GHz single core cpu
* 4 to 5 hour battery life when turned on.
* wifi and internet enabled
* monotone speakers
* blue tooth enabled
* SD card slot
* Most importantly - An api that can be used on a Java compiler to make Java apps. Then the compiled result would be transfered to the pda and those Java apps need to be able to be executed on the pda.

Does anybody here know where I can find such a device. My budget is from $0 to $800 but may pay more if I'm impressed with what I see.
Thank you

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orget about IR Camera, because there are lots of many legal restrictions to built-in something similair to reall full size camera (special tax in EU +US),

where are you see that, Maybe some C*h*i*n*a shop can sell you chip with optical but you hava to IR light for see more details, but not built-in in CellPhone

for a.m. requirements you have to wait

- but 480x360 ??? not todays screen ratio
- 4 to 5 hour battery life when turned on. (maybe with new battery but with camera + lcd + wifi + save that to SD card ????)

Samsung or LG or HTC with Android SDK for C++ and Java

If the size 480x360 is a too larger ratio for the battery then I am willing to go for 315x420 which will save 5.33% battery time and decrease the screen size by approximately 1 inch. Also note that figure is a 3:4 ratio and I thought I would ask is it possible to get PDA's custom built with an OS like XP desktop edition or even latest Ubuntu 32-bit?

Also as for how to transfer files, I mentioned a USB drive where I can plug in a flash memory stick to transfer any videos made and data collected. Also as per the Infrared, I live in Australia so taxes I don't think should be a problem or at least to my knowledge. Not that I mind paying that little bit extra.

So may I ask, what companies custom build PDA's and could do these specifications for reasonable prices. Note the screen resolution is 315x420. I hate how most companies force you to email them then you need to wait a few weeks for a reply. So are there any instant forms like on dells website but for PDA devices.

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