what is the pseudo code to get data from the database and view it in your application??

//sql query
string query = "SELECT * FROM MyTable";
//create connection
SqlConnection sqlConn = new SqlConnection("connString");
//create command
SqlCommand cmd  = new SqlCommand(query, sqlConn);
//create dataAdapter
SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(cmd);
//Create DataTable:
DataTable table = new DataTable("MyTable");
//fill table:

//to show in your application there is many ways, one is to bind the table with a control (most common is the DataGridView control):
dataGridView1.DataSource = new BindingSource(table, null);

thanks mitja ;) now i'll try to convert it into a pseudocode ! :/

can you give me the pseudo code pls ?

Which pseudo code? I dont understand.

pseudo code is like an algorithm but it will be more base on code of how to get data from data base.. a step by step PSEUDO CODE , not CODE

I really dont know what you mean. I gave you the code, step by step. I dont know what would you like to have more - this is it mate!
If you would have any example about what you are talking, it would be easier....


Iam sure this is some homework. So try to do it by your self mate. I gave you all the code and even commented it. If you know how to read the code, you can do the pseudo by your self (but I know you can read it correctly - its not a big deal).