Hi..! i just started a new thread to draw attention. I asked earlier about how to make a trial period software in this forum and the link is....


i found the solution of using Rampart, but i have to purchase it to fully use it. Now can we use a demo for a software. please give me suggestion regarding this..... i am in a great need. please come forward and guide me. i would be very thankful and i will always appreciate you.... please i am in a great problem. i hope that someone will notice this and come forward to guide me.... Thank you.

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If i am correct that you want to create a trial software which provides only limited
functionalities and stops working after certain days(30 days..) ,
then you can use some freeware third party softwares to create them..

here is a link which is fully freeware to create trial software applications...


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Thank you very much for yore reply. But whether i have to purchase it to use it. please clear my doubts. In using this, there is given 3 option to choose............

1. i want to sign up for FREE access to eCommerce with the Instant SOLO service and immediately sell my product online.

2. i have already subscribed to Instant SOLO eCommerce service.

3. I do not wish to sign up with the Instant SOLO eCommerce service at this time and gain the added feature of online sales activations.

Here i got confused. I don't understand what to do and what to select. Please guide me till the end. please....

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