Hello everyone,

So im been looking around and i havent been able to find info of this problem that i have, so this is the main thing

I have this datagridview of an inventory, and i added an extra column(unbound) to the dgv, so what i want to be able to do is print only the checked boxes of that dgv, i attached an image of form, i have code for printing all the dgv, but im having trouble with that.

thanks in advance,

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You need to iterate through the DataGridView rows and for each row, cast the cell in the column of interest to DataGridViewCheckBoxCell and cast the Value to a bool.

OK, i know what u mean, and i know a little bit how to do that, to check the status, but can you give me a code example of how to print it

Thanks for your time


You can find an example, here.

I would even suggest you to create you own report (recommend Crystal Reports) and pass data (checked rows) to the report and show then here.

@Luc001 thanks for that example, im positive that will solve my problem!!

@Mitja Bonca, thanks but im not trying to use CR, but i also though about it, but appreciate the help!!

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