hello everyone! i need to create setup for my java swing desktop application. I have searched in google and found a software to create a setup file. it is called INNO SETUP. But i tried to use it and but no any succeess. please help me in this regard. please clear my doubts that whether i can use it to make a setup file for my java swing application... or is there some other software available which can help me to create setup file. please give me some suggestion. any help from you will highly be appreciated.

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Hi. What kind of info (exactly) do you want to put in your setup file? Suppose it was just a simple text file - give us an example of how a typical file might look.

Thank you for your reply. Actually i have made a GUI desktop application tool, where there are some JPanels in cardlayout and in a Jframe and there are JMenuBar with JMenuItems, such that when clicking it shows me the desired JPanel. In all those JPanels i have put some JLabels and used Graphs. Now i need to make a setup file for this. please guide me......

Yes, but what about the questions I asked?

I want to give the information that this software is a demo software and you can able to use it for 30days only.

OK, never mind. Good luck.

Actually i did not get you properly .i don't know what you are asking me for....

Problem is I have no idea what the phrase "setup file" means to you in this context. It's not a piece of standard Java jargon.
I was asking you to explain what you expected to see in the setup file (ie what kind of info), and to clarify that with an example of what a typical one might look like if it was just a simple text file (without worrying about how it might be created or parsed).

Flash of insight...(?) do you mean an installer program?

If so, don't bother. One of the joys of Java is that you distribute a jar that can just go anywhere and run. There's no point trying to compress & expand it because it's already zipped. If there's stuff that needs to be done before the app runs the first time (eg accept licence terms, create folders in user-selectable locations, write registry entries) then just code it in Java and add that to the jar. In main(...) you can test whether those things have been done and, if not, run the class that does them.

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