Hi there,

I've recently been given a project that I have to develop portlets for Liferay portal. I have absolutely no experience with portlets, although I do have experience with servlets. Portlets and Servlets have quite alot in common, but I honestly don't even know where to start.

I've got a local instance of Liferay on my machine and I'm developing through Netbeans IDE using the portlet package plugin. So the whole enviroment is all set up.

What I want to know, is where can I find some real good resources on the matter, e.g. tutorials etc. Also where can I find the API docs for portlets so that I can see what methods does what and how to use them...

Basically, I need a good read on portlets, that's not too technical, but gives one proper insight to start developing some meaningful portlets...

Thanks in advance!

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