I feel like I am having every possible problem this term, (good learning experience, right). Hopefully you can help me.
I started this weeks program, had some glitches and restarted. I deleted the first project, began again and got an error when I saved saying that file already existed and to delete it. Then I tried to alter the name by moving my name to the front and still got a message saying this already existed, and it didn't!!! I looked all over and deleted every file that had that title. I have closed and opened VB 2010. Tried to start over. Still same error. So I did a search, deleted again. Seemed It was going to be ok, however I suspected not 100% because it wasn't 'Inteli. . .whatever', (was not completing words when I started them). Then when I went to look at my form again, I got a big error, something to do with .resx and could not even get to the form. I looked online and this seems to be a bug with 2010. On the forums, people are saying they have wasted whole days trying to figure this out. I have lost several hours. I don't have time for this! How can I fix this? From what I read, I did not see any solutions.

Thank you for any advice.

jst remove the file that u had added and then clean the solution byusing cleanthen build it,,,then run.... problem mst be solved if not working reply me more///

I am out of time to fiddle around with the program. I started completely over. Thanks for helping. I do have another issue, but I will post in a new thread. Thanks.