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Im a final year student for COmputer Security / Forensic. Im planning to do a project which requires me to do encryption and decryption. My possible choice of language would be VB.Net. I was wondering if wad is running in my mind can be executed. Well, I would make a application where a part of it wil be promting the guest to register and I wanted to store the password in the database. I did some research and came across Salting and Hashing. I was wondering if is it possible to get the password which the user enters, salt it, hash it and encrypt it before I store in the database. If so, what is the best secured strong encryption can I use in VB.net. Because through out the research I have done, i have sen RInjdael as the most fav encryption algo which alot of programmers using. JUst a though on this. Kindly advise me. Thank you for your generous help and for reading query.

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What you also can do is useDES Algorithm.
For more explanation, look here.

See also this thread.

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thank you for your reply folks..one more query, can I knoe is it feasible to do a password manager / password keeper program using VB.net and also ASP.net with windows server 2005.. or is there any other database which is easier to execute or such. just an opinion thought because i am planning to use what I have stated above.

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