Hi All,

I am using VS05 + Web application + C# + Crystalreport + SQL SERVER

In my application i am using crystalreport.My report runs fine.I created almost 150 reports.

Now my client wants to change the image on the report,which is a tedious job.

Now I want to save the path of the image in database,so that i can retrive the images.

Is it possible to retrive images from database and show on crystalreport.

Hope anyone understand my problem?

Any one solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi in those links they are shown how to use the image directly stored in database.
I want to show the image stored at location on disk.
To show image from path stored in database . e.g: c:\Images\Image1.jpg


so you are storing the image location on the disk , Right??

if so then

get the Image from disk like

Image img = Image.FromFile("get location from database");

create a ifield object to your crystal report of type Byte[]

now convert the img to Byte[] arrary and assign this byte array to the ifield object of type byte[] in your crytal report ..

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