im trying to convert double to string with this code:
if its a number like 3.7345 than its working - but if its 5.0
(only zeros after the point)

double number=5.0;
string ToString;
stringstream out;
out << number;
ToString = out.str();
return ToString;

it returns - 5
and i need it to return - 5.0


i realized that if ill do

double number=5.0;

im getting the number 5 insted of the number 5.0

how do i make the variable hold the zeros after the floating point and show them?

hope both my questions make sense :)
ill apriciate any answer given !

You can't do that because 5.0 is stored as 5.
There is nothing stored about how many insignificant zeroes you entered in your code.

You can simply append 0 since it does nothing:

string toString(const double d, int nZero = 0){
 stringstream stream;
 stream << d;
 return stream.str() + string(nZero,'0');

If you use the double value to print out the value then you can set its precision like so :

double d = 5.0;
cout << d << endl;

or using <iomanip>

double d = 5.0;
cout << setprecision(4) << d << endl;

thank you for the answer :)

but 2 last codes doesnt work :
it still prints - 5 (in visual studio)

and as for the first code - the problem is that i dont know if im getting a
5.0 or 3.6 or 0.6 from the user, so i cant always add an extra zero just like that !

Forgot to mention you need to use fixed format:

double d = 5.0;
cout << fixed << setprecision(1) << d << endl;

thank you :)
that solved the problem !