i have application in vb 6.0 ,which i want to open in vb.net...how?

i have tried
*upgrade wizard of vb.net..............not working
*installing vb 6.0 again...........now seems difficult

althoght d .exe file of my application is running but some forms r missin
help ...........

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Sometimes upgrade wizard is not working. So, just rewrite the codes in vb.net :)

rewrite the codes ......................good lord NO
there r 74 forms in it
i cant

plz find away


I think the upgrade wizard doesn't work because of the complexity of your VB6 application. (74 forms)
What you could try is to use the wizard form by form and then build the application all together in VB.Net.

That said, when the wizard is working it's not always the best solution and it is possible that still need time to resolve some errors. So it's better to rewrite your application in the proper VB.Net syntax even when you need time to do it.

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