i have an assignment and i do not no how i complete solve it

the problem is
"An airplane has 15 rows (numbered 1 through 15), with six seats (labeled A, B, C, D, E, and F) in each row. Write a program to display the seating chart in a list box with a line for each row. When the ticket agent clicks on the desired row in the list box, the row number and the status of the seats in the row are displayed in seven read-only text boxes. When the agent clicks on one of the text boxes, a second form containing four option buttons labeled Unoccupied, Regular, Low Calorie, and Vegetarian appears. Clicking on any radio button closes the second form and updates both the text box and the row for that seat in the list box. Unoccupied seats should be denoted with a period, while occupied seats are denoted with the first letter of their meal type. At any time, the agent can request the number of seats filled, the number of window seats vacant, and the numbers of each type of meal ordered."


this is the form for the programing

help me sooooooooooooooooooooooon

My Advice : Do your own coding , if you encounter any problem while writing the code , refer to the community for help but don't ask the community to do your homework for you , for one : I believe most of us are busy writing their own programs, two and most importantly : you will never learn by asking somebody else to solve your problems.