Hi! I am 32 years old Engineering graduate.Homemaker till now. I have learnt vb 6 and oracle, 10 years before. Now I am interested in vb.net.I am learning it on my own. Please help me to develop myself, so that I can get a job in It field.Give me some ideas to improve myself & to prepare a Resume

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Why don't you try and write an app in Vb.NET to see if you can do it, and see where you need improvement.


there are a lot of sample programs on the internet. download as many as you can and pick them apart line by line.
i am teaching myself vb2008 express (great program --FREE!) and i learn something new every day.
start with using controls on forms (works for me) and understand how to use each of them in different ways.
try this site - helped me a lot

good luck,


Thank U finito and hoyles .
I have started with small projects.Will try the above site also.
Do U think, my age and (no)experience will affect my career?


Experience always affect the first job, but after you get started in the career and gain required experience it should get easier.

Also if you pick up some books of amazon, or take a class or two it can give you a leg up and speed up your development.

I am not a programmer by trade, but I do enjoy it and have made several apps for myself to make my job easier.

Hope some of this helps.


Hemavi, the question you ask is one that only you can answer.

Are you willing to invest the time, do you believe you can do it.

Because if you believe you can do it then noone can stop you.


I think you allready know that vb.net is a lot diferent from vb6, i just started vb.net myself and i had lots of road blocks :) and i'm sure i will have more.
I am 25 and my job gives me time to learn vb too.
How much did you learn till now? hat projects did you manage to complete? Maybe i can tell you what to try that you might need hemp doing.

Good luck!

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Thank U dghervas .
Yes .really vb.net is different from from vb6.
now I have started with basic controls.I can create a form , add controls,do simple programs (like calculator), connect to database, can work with procedures and functions . I have vague idea of classes, stuctures and interface.
currently using ms access . soon will be trying with sql server.(Looking for installation cd).Really I have little idea with the projects.I ahave an idea to start with


Now have got problem in updating the database.

Dim cb As New OleDb.OleDbCommandBuilder(da)
ds.Tables("remind").Rows(0).Item("PERSON NAME") = nametxt.Text
ds.Tables("remind").Rows(0).Item("DESCRIPTION") = descriptiontxt.Text
ds.Tables("remind").Rows(0).Item("REMDATE") = datetxt.Text
da.Update(ds, "remind")//
this gives me the following error

//da.Update(ds, "remind")//

Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression '((NUMBER = ?) AND ((? = 1 AND PERSON NAME IS NULL) OR (PERSON NAME = ?)) AND ((? = 1 AND DESCRIPTION IS NULL) OR (DESCRIPTION = ?)) AND ((? = 1 AND REMDATE IS NULL) OR (REMDATE = ?)))'.

Do U have any idea how to proceed.

What else should I read and in which areas should I be strong?
Thanks for Ur help.


I'm sorry cant help you with curent probblem, didnt get to access and sql on .net yet. I have used sql in vb6 a lot but not in .net :(
I made a complicated control panel in vb6 for a internet provider with invoice, diagnostics client management... and everything was stored on a remote sql server.

What i think is important to know, and you might need to use a lot is threads.
Threads, thread pools, worker threads bla bla and most important cross thread operations, passing data between them, passing data to a threa...
I am strugling with thread related problems for the last two months and still not fully educated on the subject.
Trust me it's pretty dificult till you start to get it. Or maybe i just have a hard hed :)
But finish what you are working on right now, dont do both at once.

Hope you make it :)


you can just send the string command.

New OleDb.OleDbCommand("UPDATE Table SET PERSON NAME = '" & nametxt.Text & "', DESCRIPTION = '" & descriptiontxt.Text & "', REMDATE = '" & datetxt.Text & "'",yourConn).ExecuteNonQuery()

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