I am currently using microsoft access 2007 and vb.net 2008. The problem senario is
this: I have a database-table that contains two columns, items, and the price of each item. I tried to drag this table to the form as a checkbox tool, but only one checkbox1 was diplayed. The table consists of four rows. My requirement is when I drag the checkbox I want to see the all items in the first column, i.e. four checkboxes that hold the same name as in the table in the database, and when I check one or more items to be able to use, in somehow, the price(s) to make some kind of calculations. How do I go about doing this, as I am new to VB? Thanks in advanced


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I had the same problem making a dbase with various fields, in the end I wrote a dbase program and started from scratch with VS2010, 2008 seems very finiky on a lot of things, hence it got returned and paid the extra for the new version and found a whole new set of problems to go with it.

If the dbase doesnt have to be secure try dropping it into excel and change it to a csv sheet then its just a matter of working with a text file.

Hope this helps, it did for me.

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