I have 2000 emails to send to my customers.
But I what that, it sends 400 emails at a time. How can I do that? Please help me! Thanks

You'll need to keep track of how many it sends and tell it to stop and wait a specified amount of time when that number reaches 400.

Here's an example. I do not know how long you might want it to wait, I assumed 30 seconds.

int SentEmails = 0;

            if (SentEmails != 400)  //This code will run if you have not yet sent 400 emails
                //Your code to send an email
                SentEmails++; //Add one to SentEmails

            else //SentEmails equals 400.
                SentEmails = 0;                         //Set it back to zero so we can do it all over again
                System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(30000);    //Wait thirty seconds. (The amount is in milliseconds)

Hi WildBamaBoy! Can you tell me how to send those mail fast based on my require ?

my requirement is the content of this topic. Thanks

I'm not really understanding what you mean but I'm guessing it's waiting too long. To make it go faster you'll need to change line 12 to a lower value. The value is in milliseconds and you can get that simply multiplying the number of seconds you want by 1000. If you want 2 seconds type 2000, 5 seconds 5000, 0.5 seconds 500, etc.

thanks WildBamaBoy. Can u tell me how many emails sent by gmail at a time and a day are permitted ?