hi guys its me again wanted to learn something new about how to use winsock.i am making a program that would detect the computer if its turn on through ip address that is connected on lan..anyone can help me or suggest something that i could learn?hoping for your replies guys..s:)

Simply you can try to ping the system using its IP or system name over LAN.

yes but instead of doing that i want a program to do that..im asking on how to use winsock coz i got hard time finding some books to read about winsock..hope this will make things clear..:)

anyone or guro's or experts can teach me about this?

i have already figured it out and my problem is now it can't detect if the user is turn off his pc it does not detect if its offline already..anyone can help me with this?

You can't detect a system over LAN that is either switched off or offline.

i just want to know if his connection is online or offline..

If the system is online and you have the IP or name of the system, you should be able to get a PING from the target system.

yeah but how could that be..?i just figured it only when my program starts then it pings all the ip's that were listed in the database..if that is user is online that time then he is online because it was ping but what if he got off of connection suddenly?is there any suggestion that would detect it automatically without using refresh button?just like internet cafe programs do.

You need to check with the system physically (why the system went off line) .

yeah i know that physically but how could i do that by coding?if you could give me some reference or e book i appreciate much. thanks

I think i have already answered question.