Attached is a visual representation of My Array that
was used in my VB6 program the dimensions are:

Dim MyArray(5,30) Option Base 1

I am using an ACCESS DataBase to populate the array.

Using the For Next Loop I can access any position
within the array such as a individual cell or group of cells.
Also using the Step Keyword of the For next loop I can
select a group of cells to manipulate based on the Step
factor. This worked well for me in VB 6. I am now
migrating to vb 2010 and cannot fine documentation as to
how this would be done on zero based arrays in Vb 2010.

In VB 2010 I see no reference to the Step Keyword nor
examples of how it would be used with zero based Arrays.

A example of my use of the step keyword is:

For row = 1 to 5

    For Column = 1 to 6 or 7 to 12 Etc.. or 1 to 30 Step 6


Any of the above loop setups works for me using VB6
Any Help Documentation or code would be helpful for use in
my vb6 to vb2010 migration.

Thank You

The step keyword works exactly the same in Vb.Net as in Vb6.

Dim x as long
For x = 0 to 10 Step 5
'Do something with x
Next x

This will iterate three times - at x= 0, 5, and 10