Attached is a visual representation of My Array that
was used in my VB6 program the dimensions are:

Dim MyArray(5,30) Option Base 1

I am using an ACCESS DataBase to populate the array.

Using the For Next Loop I can access any position
within the array such as a individual cell or group of cells.
Also using the Step Keyword of the For next loop I can
select a group of cells to manipulate based on the Step
factor. This worked well for me in VB 6. I am now
migrating to vb 2010 and cannot fine documentation as to
how this would be done on zero based arrays in Vb 2010.

In VB 2010 I see no reference to the Step Keyword nor
examples of how it would be used with zero based Arrays.

A example of my use of the step keyword is:

For row = 1 to 5

    For Column = 1 to 6 or 7 to 12 Etc.. or 1 to 30 Step 6


Any of the above loop setups works for me using VB6
Any Help Documentation or code would be helpful for use in
my vb6 to vb2010 migration.

Thank You


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The step keyword works exactly the same in Vb.Net as in Vb6.

Dim x as long
For x = 0 to 10 Step 5
'Do something with x
Next x

This will iterate three times - at x= 0, 5, and 10

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