Hi All,

We are using one application. This application is having 2types of jobs. Under each job again there are each 5 sub jobs. All the jobs are scheduled jobs. Now the requirement is
The main 2 jobs we are going to run on some specified days( for this we need to mention on what days we want to run.once we gave those day the next steps will start).
for example 1 main job is scheduled on Monday ( we need to schedule it on monday-- we need to write a program for this) under this every sub job will run.these sub jobs are dependent jobs.if sub job completed successfully it should send an email to the distributed mail group which says like " <Job_name> completed successfully" if it fails also it needs to send an email to the distributed group. for each sub job it should send either success/falure mail to the distriuted mail group.

once after completing all the sub jobs successfully it should send a mail to the distributed mail group saying that The main job got completed successfully.

these two main jobs will run paralelly but the the second main job will run after 30 mins of 1st job starts.

in the second job also will work as same as job1 process.it should also send mails to the distributed mail groups.

Please guide me how to write a pl/sql program well tuned program.

Thanks in advance.