Hi guys, I created an application in C#, which requires .Net Framework 4.0 (Not the client profile)

I created a Setup project for my application, since it has to be installed on a very big number of computers, some of which may have not access to the internet. Moreover, I don't want to install dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe manually, so how can I "embed" this installer in my application's installer?

p.s.: I tried putting the exe file in the debug folder of the setup project before the debug, it didn't work.

and I appreciate a quick help. I need it today or tomorrow.. Thanks in advance..

Go to your Properties of the Project (in solution explorer right mousr click on your project name).
It will open a new tabPage of Properties. Go to "Publish" tab. Now select all the prerequisites you want to install. And ot the bottom select when (how) you want them to be installed.
You can select them to be installed from the internet, or from th application. If you select the last, you have to put all these prerequisites into your application folder.
This ia aobut it.

When you create installer for your application using setup project,

Click "Add prerequisites" and check Dotnet framework 4...
And below check the radio button to get the dotnet framework from the same folder..

Hope you understand, Orelse reply ...

thanks guys, I understood the issue,

but exactly which folder will I put the dot net framework installer?

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