Hey all,

I'm looking to upgrade my compiler and I was wondering if there is a compiler that is fully c++0x supported yet. If not is there one that is mostly supported? I am currently using MSVC++ 2005 express. I would like to stay in the MSVC++ family since I am comfortable with the debugger and the layout. I would like to start playing around with the new stuff but as far as i can tell 2005 doesn't have anything from c++0x.

Thanks all
Nathan Oliver

The closest so far is gcc, at least version 4.6. Visual C++ 2010 has a few features, but not the most useful ones for the everyday programmer. If you're working on Windows, I'd suggest the nuwen build of MinGW (it offers gcc 4.6.1). The problem with nuwen is that presently it doesn't have gdb. But you can get it by downloading the gdb part of TDM-GCC).

Hook that up to your favorite IDE, and you're golden.

The best for C++0x right now is certainly GCC 4.6.1. If you are willing to build from source (which could be pretty hard for Windows), then you can also use 4.6.2. The current development version is 4.7.0, but it is experimental, and from personal experience with it, I don't recommend using it just yet, and it only adds a few trivial aspects of C++0x. Also, except for regex library, GCC has a pretty full implementation of the C++0x standard libraries.

I would expect that ICC is (or will be) pretty strong on the concurrency features, which is the major C++0x feature that is lacking from GCC right now. This is because Intel are pretty strong on concurrent programming.

For the last main option, MSVC 2010, I wouldn't expect it to be any decent until at least some years from now, considering the time it took MSVC series of compilers to get reasonably compliant to C++98 (about 10 years).

Moral: Be patient, remember that as we speak there is only one compiler that is fully compliant to the current standard (i.e. Comeau). You should not consider doing production code in C++0x, without build-switches to revert to the current, supported standard.

Well thanks for all of the advice. I decided to install Code::Blocks and used the distros that Narue suggested. I do understand what you are saying mike but i just wanted to get a heads up on the new features so when the time comes when c++0x is readily available I'll already now some of it.

Thanks All