I would like to know the correct procedure to deploy windows application in VS-2005.

There are some specific issues I am facing after deploying the project to the client machine.

- I have a CMS (ContextMenuStrip) in one of my forms associated with a TreeView and its not showing.

- Another form that contains a custom DataGridView which i created by subclassing default DataGridView is not showing this control.


- Everything works fine on my machine.

- I BUILD the project in the RELEASE mode

- From the bin\Release folder copied the .exe to the client machine in the root, also copied the Reports to the root on client. Is this correct way to deploy?

- Instead of setting the CMS property of the TreeView, I instantiated a CMS in my form, assigned it to CMS property of TreeNodes when TreeNodes are populated programmatically.

Please suggest some tips and work around ASAP. I can post the code if you would like to have a look. BYE

The issue was because I had not put an image inside the root folder in the client machine. This image was being referred in the dataGridView_CellPainting eventhandler and hence the dataGridView was not showing.

I should have followed the standard practise of adding the images to the Project Resources. I also replaced the custom control with a normal dataGridView and things are fine and working now.

The issue with the CMS was because of user privileges based on roles. So CMS is showing up only for authorized users.