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Hey there,
I might not be able to accurately describe my problems, but I'll do my best.

I am taking these tutorials on adobe website that walks me through building a flex web application. In order to take the tutorials, I needed to previously deploy a war file that sets up a data service. the service consists of five classes. one of the classes models Employee objects and another Department objects.

Another class defines getter and setter methods, so there are getEmployees and getDepartments methods. both are defined such that they return a List object as a result.

I have deployed the file correctly because I have effectively built the Mobile Flex Development tutorial offered in adobe, so I do not suspect my issue has to do with deployment.

My issue is this:
I am using Flash Builder 4.5. When I connect to the Data/Service, it works fine. However, when I need to configure the return type for getDepartments method, in the process, I need to look in a drop down list for available types, and Department and Department[] types should be available as options, but they are not. (for my mobile and web development tutorials, I had to configure getEmployee method's return type, and I did it well).

I need help to determine what I need to be looking at. I don't even know what to inspect for eventual problems. What I tried is compiling the source code of the java classes and using these classes instead of the ones the war file deployment builds.

What I noticed is this: When I build the Data/Service, two ActionScript classes are generated. One of them is not modifiable, and the other is. The non-modifiable class has many imports, but lacks a valueObjects.Department import, which I suspect is the reason I don't get the Department and Department[] options in the drop down list. I tried importing this class in the modifiable class, and refreshing the Data Service, but to no avail. There is a reason why the generated class does not have the import, but I do not know where to look for a problem as this is my first time working with Flash Builder and Data Services. Anyone any suggestions, please?

thank you in advance.

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