Any idea how I can make a applet using a thread and how i will implement it..SOS..

by writing the code and running it?

Or Google and copy and paste.

by wrting code and running it..:) because we have a project and i am confuse..not to simple but not also hard..

we're not here to do your homework for you. If you had done your homework in the past, you'd have known what to do now.

Just only idea not code...getz?..

Just only idea not code

What do you want the applet to do?
Write the program in small steps.
Why don't you write a simple applet the draws a circle on the screen. There are many examples of how to do that posted here on the forum.
When you get that to work, then add a thread that will move the circle around.

make a graph calculator. use graphics and then get the user to type in a valid expression. then calculate the y points for the x values and graph it. This will let yo use graphics and arrays. You will also use Math class. It will be interesting especially if you make a vector of arrays that hold the y vales for the x and then you color code them and print them all out. Then you could compare graphs. You would also have too clear the screen once in a while. This would be a great teaching tool. You know what ... Thanks for the idea (lol (JK :P))

Thanks for the idea I will try it if our professor will approve it..:D