Hey everyone,

I'm getting familiar with TkInter, and while it's a cool program, I'm having a hell of a time with keeping all the classes straight. As of now, I'm trying to build a program with a menubar and some other widgets. I can get the program working if I call it through the main program:

root = Tk()

meninst = Menu(root) #All properties of the menu are designed in this block


Now, that's all fine, but what I'd really prefer to do is have a class file, say "Menu style A.py", which I can simply pass root to, and then all the menus and things will appear. I've seen some documentation for this with the widgets; however, I'm not really sure how to do it with my root window. Any help would be great.

I should point out that in theory, this should work for all toplevel windows. So if I made a completely new window, I'd like to be able to import these class files to customize it so it looks exactly how I want.

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