i want to make an application with JAVA in which there are registered users. so users can put data in database, can see data from database.
my application is there are different doctors from different places and they have common patients( clients) that they care about patients. so they want always what the give to patients (clients) they write in database so to keep every information about patients(clients).
what to chose to implement this?
i want to be like application(not on browser) so that I can manage to do this. So give me some help how to implement .
i have to make a applet or Servlet or ....
thank you

If you want an application (not on a browser) then forget applets and servlets, as these are for browsers. Java GUI applications are normally built using the Swing classes that come with every Java installation.
If the GUIs run on remote machines accessing a shared database server then you have two main options:
1. All the Java code runs on the remote machine that just accesses an SQL database on the server using SQL commands, or
2. You have a Java server program on the server machine that handles all the SQL and presents a pure Java interface that the clients can access using a Java-to-Java socket connection.
Option 1 may be simpler to program for a not-too-complex application, but real-life complex Java apps are more likely to be built using option 2.

Assuming this is an educational project, what criteria do you have for how your project will be marked?

ps: I don't mean there are only these two options, just that these two are the most relevant to this particular project.

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