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I am having problems when generating a chart dynamically. The problem is that sometimes the chart is rendered with a black background and sometimes without.

I have stepped through the code and verifies each number and there are no anomalies or numbers that might cause a problem.

The y values are all doubles to a max of 2 decimal places and I am using the chart.series("").points.databindxy() method. I have tried adding a chart programmatically and also adding a chart using the designer and changing values programmatically. The code is executed on a different thread - could that be the issue?

I have tried to attach screen shots but I always get an upload failed message (regardless of file type).

Does anyone have an explanation as to why it is sometimes rendered with a black background?




Sorry, resolved it now. It's been bugging me for days and moments after posting I realised what it was:

The AxisY interval was set to 1 and with a high y value it meant that there were thousands of vertical grid lines which were bunched together resulting in the black background!

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