i already finished my app and now i deployed it using Setup Wizard. But when i installed my app to my computer, the Crystal Report didn't work.... it says "Load Report Failed"...

and when i red about this Merge Module thing i want to figure it out but the problem is i don't know where to find this CrystalReportsRedist2008_x86.msm, To be use.

i am using VS 2008.

Can anybody help me to figure this out?

Any reply would be great..

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While creating Setup of Application you should add Prerequisites of Crystal Report. For this:
- Click Right Mouse button on Setup Project.
- A setup Property Page Will display. Click on Prerequisites button.
- Collection Of Prerequisites will display. If You are using VS2008, Click of CheckBox "CrystalReport basis for visual Studio 2008". And Click on OK.
- Now you can build your Setup Project.
- The setup file itself installs required components for viewing Crystal Report on Clients computer.


Please take a look at this post.

Thank you sir for giving a link. The link was great and valuable.

But sir is that tutorial applicable to follow?, because right now i used "Microsoft Visual Studio 2008" and is it the same way to do from what version i used?.

Any reply would be great sir. and i appreciate it very much.
THANK YOU again for replying sir....


I got it... i just got it.. after a week..

Thanks to all Reply...

Have a great day....

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