in my c# program, you will have to create accounts for you to log-in. now, when i create an account, (username, password, age, gender, date...) the info will be inserted in a table named "users". ones a users has a created an account he needs to update his record everyday, look the attached file for example. should a user have a different table? each time someone create an account?

Why would they need to update their account everyday? It would be best to use a seperate table yes. Maybe use a UNIQUE Constraint on fields like Email and Username if you aren't doing that already.

i would be making a monitoring system, something like that.. hehe.. but wouldnt it be too much? if every user has a different table? is there a better way than that? thanks

I think i misunderstood your question. It will be a very bad idea to have a seperate table for each user. Rather make a general Table and link the user ID to that table. That way you can have multiple users information in one table just like your user table.

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