Hey everybody,

I need a way to browse your computer's files from a program without the use of a separate dialog box (I'm running in fullscreen, you see). It should start from a specified default folder and list all folders (except hidden ones) and files of a specified format in a scroll box or something.

The system I'm currently using is the OPENFILENAME class, which opens the classic "Open" dialog box for browsing.
While what I'm wanting is the system like that implemented in most Strategy games like StarCraft and C&C Generals that is used to browse maps.

Anybody got any tips?

You mean you have a MS-Windows full-screen program and you just want to put a listbox on the window that contains the same functionality as the OpenFileName common dialog box? I'm not familiar with how StarCraft displays a list of maps, maybe you can post a thumbnail picture of it.

The is a complete set of functions from WinAPI to "browse" the folders for the files. Personally, I think they are crap (annoying and kind-a hard to use). But, that is what the Open/Save file dialogs use in MFC or win32.

I would recommend you use Boost.FileSystem, it is much nicer (actually in C++), and is cross-platform.

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