Hey folks, entrepreuners, I’d like to create a really neat program that prints your name, with meanings, or poems, or bible verses, or military quotes, etc. I've seen other packages out there, but they’re not that good. Check Ken Kirkpatrick Software to see what I mean. Also, check other First Name programs. This is a huge market, and I have some ideas for other projects as well. I'd like to market it, and would discuss giving you a percent of what could be sold, or a flat fee for writing the code and some rate after the product starts selling. Also, my brother supplies artwork, papers, mugs and key chains to print on. You've seen them at malls or flea markets, no doubt. I know of one company with only 1 person grossing 400K per year now, with no marketing at all, only a website. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals who would buy these products as a low cost business for themselves. Let me know if interested. Email me at <EMAIL SNIPPED> if this idea seems appealing.

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sounds like a half hour of work, tops.
where's the gotcha?

sounds like a half hour of work, tops.
where's the gotcha?

Not sure about a half hour, as I've writtens systems all my life, but I gather from the comment you think it's pretty easy.
No gotcha, I'm just invvolved in too many other things, and don't write in VB. It has to look slick, as it will be sold on the internet. Will need to build a database of either names, quotations, etc, which I can do.

Cool looking screens, great print controls to print on multiple types of media(different artwork, keychains,etc.), and really simple to use. We'll build website, handle money, sell the supplies, and send the software to buyer. All you need to do is write it, and I'll pay you based upon an agreed amount. If it takes off, maybe even a small royalty per sale, something like that. Did you look at the Ken Kirkpatrick (www.kksoft.com) website. Download one of those, and that's what we're trying to do, but better. Not rocket science but alot of money to be made.

Let me know what you think. Thanks for your response.

Lou Puccio

uh can anyone help me on how to convert time into money? like every hour adds one peso?

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