First of all, sorry for my english. I will try to make me understand.

I'm doing a program with CodeGear C++Builder 2009 that manages a few tables.
The tables were created with Database Desktop 7.0 (dbd32).

Between these tables there are a table whose name is 'Evaluation'. His estructure is the follows:

The marked fields in red are the Graphics objects and its the fields that I think that nor work.

I do a Post() in this table and works it perfectly. But, when I do a few Post(), saving three or four images by instace, apper this error: Bitmap Image is not Valid.

This is the visual windows of my program where I save the instance of 'Evaluation'.

Four of five photos can load in a Tabsheet with this code:

		case 0:

This DBImage have a DataSource and DataField correspondent with 'Evaluation'.

Another of five images use an auxiliar DBImage to copy the content of another DBImage. The code that I use before the Post():


DBImage7 have DataSource and Datafield correspondent with 'Evaluation'.

The format of this images is usually .jpeg or .jpg.
My question is: why leaves me save at the beginning and when I do a lot of instances throws this error?

The tables are not corrupted because I verified them with "Dr. Regener Paradox Table Repair 4".

Please...HELP. I am completely lost...
If you have not understood something, please, post and i will try to clarify.


Do you always get the same error in the same place, or does it change?

Is there a specific reason you need to use the clipboard? It might be part of the problem.

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