I'm having a hard time understanding this.

I get what multithreading is- allowing a program to run more than one thread to improve performance, by splitting up some of it's resources.

So I'm at the point in my app where I need to use it. I need to upload some small text files in the background while the app is running and the user won't know their stuff is being backed up via FTP.

I don't understand where to put start- I have some code I found and a couple of good tutorials explaining the process- but...

Where do I put it? For example- I have a main form. I have a button that calls a class, and in the class is FTP code to upload some small text files. So what gets the separate thread? The class? The main form? I don't get it.

Here's some code- I don't think I have this right-

Private Sub btnUpload_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnUpload.Click

        Dim load As New clsFTP
        Thread = New System.Threading.Thread(AddressOf load.UploadLogsWithFTP)

    End Sub

Then more code in clsFTP (this isn't all the code)

Then I can't use Imports System.Threading in my main form 'cause it screws with my timers...

I dunno, I'm not getting this..


This helped-

Dim load As New clsFTP
        Thread = New System.Threading.Thread(AddressOf load.UploadLogsWithFTP)

While rd.Read

Dim ls As New ListViewItem(rd.Item("accno").ToString())
ls.SubItems.Add(rd("classno") + "<>" + (rd("bookno")))
dim sl as string
rd1 = "select * from tb_accession where accno = '"& trim(rd.item("accno"))&"';"
Dim cmd1 As New SqlCommand(s1, DbCnn)
Dim rd1 As SqlDataReader
rd1 = cmd1.ExecuteReader
End While
this is not working. it says no datareader works within one data reader.
pls help

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