hi. I need java for an online game, runescape. I go to the java site and get to the downloads page, but as soon as I click the yellow download button and decide wherer to save the file and click ok, I get a message saying my connection, compuserve, has encountered an error and must close. Please help me, because I am a noobie at java and know nothing!

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Yes as said it has nothing to do with Java. Maybe you have opened a lot of applications or check your RAM's and processors compatibility, maybe its too low.

If it happens with other downloads than check your proxy server for download options.



when I download java as it is installing it will say wizard was interupted and coulad not be compeletly installed. Can someone help me?


java is not downloadable. Its illegal.. you will go to prison for that mate!!!!

Java is down loadable and free. Why are you spamming other people's threads like this?

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