Greetings, I've found Accelerated C++ to be a pretty solid foundation in C++, but with regards to the new standard, does anyone know of a good supplemental text that can keep me up to date with said standard?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Well, the new standard came out yesterday. It's not even published yet. Don't expect C++0x / C++11 books just yet. And be even more patient for compliant compilers.

Right now, the best resources for C++11 are:

The C++0x wikipedia page.

Bjarne Stroustrup's C++0x FAQ page.

The last published draft of the standard. n3242. Which is pretty much the same as the FDIS that was just approved.

And some tutorials that exist out there, including mine.

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Pete Becker's 'The C++ Standard Library Extensions: A Tutorial and Reference' has been available for some time.

'C++ Concurrency in Action' by Anthony Williams has in-depth coverage of concurrency features in C++11.

Scott Meyers' presentation materials on C++11 is also a useful resource.

InformIT has a series of articles on C++0x by Danny Kalev; for example:

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Thanks everyone for the help.

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