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I just have a few questions about Java programming language. Before getting started with the question, I was actually doing some reading for my java course and there was an implementation of Coffee vending machine in java. Therefore, the questions came to my mind and these are: Do Java programmers use java to program a vending machine? and how does this implementation work in reality? and the other example was an implementation of pizza vending machine.

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what I assume you have been looking at, is a simulation of such vending machines.
they are used to learn how to create a bit more extended applications than the basic "Hello world!"

Yeah, but Aren't vending machines usually programmed in C or machine/assembly languages?

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It would depend on the hardware inside the machine, and
whatever that the manufacturer's programers want to program with.

Oh, OK. Well, is it also possible to run an online pizza shop or another type of store and that is developed in pure Java, not JSP?

Thanks. I'm so impressed about how much we can do by just using JAVA LANGUAGE.

well ... do you want it to be a web application, or gui based that can connect to a central point on a server?
if it's a webapp, and you want to do it completely in Java, you may want to take a look into the Google Web Toolkit, or GWT for short. you just write the entire thing, to even the html in java (and a bit of xml), and it can be used combined with other frameworks, such as hibernate and spring.

but if you want to do it completely in java because you think it's easier, you might be in for a surprise.

To top up @stultuske recommendation I can add Wicket web framework (mostly Java, with some html component location and some handling of Ajax events).

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