Dear friends
I have a query regarding VB.NET....Whenever we type any code on the code page not on the design page all the controls that appear on the screen
for eg:- if I type "Textbox." different options is available on screen in a drop down list
like "Equals,Fromchild handle.formequals...etc.etc" or else If i type "keyPreview." we get another drop down list like "false sting,get hash code...etc...etc.."
So my question is is it possible to know all these drop down elements of any command
If yes how can i learn it ???What book should i refer??any tutorials???? BCoz every time i look an example of program there are new functions,commands etc
Plz Plz PLz help
Thanks in advance

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If you use Visual Studio then go to: View in the menu and click "Object Browser"
Type i. e. "TextBox" in the search field and press ENTER.
Then choose the system. windows.forms.textbox
It will then display all functions and properties of that control.

Thanks ...but my point is Not only textbox but there are many such commands which hv different is it possible to study the properties of each and every command???

try the objext browser. it contains ALL available controls and its properties.

Thank you Thank you Thank you so much friend...!!!!!

One last question GeekbyChoice.....I got every controls and there properties in object browser....But is is possible to remember all these controls in mind ????

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