Hello i am needing advice about a project that i have got. Its about traffic light using wireless sensor simulation.

I want to know about the different softwares that can be used to work on such application, i mean the simulation part.

I tried google but apparently i dont really know how to specify my search and results arent that conculsive.

Hope to get an answer so that i can start learning about the software.

Not a lot of java programming in this project description.
Why do you think java would be a choice?

Yeah well its a project that has been allocated java as programming language. I did some research about the traffic light and i found that i can build an interface making use of observer pattern.

The part that i can't grasp is the wireless sensor simulation

You would best do to ask this question your supervisor as he/she should know best what they expect. Whole thing can be done with mocking framework and it will be fine with any other programmer because with poor problem description and low expectation there is so much you can do as programmer.