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Not quite sure if im in the right section but lets try ...

In my project i want to use a "Local Database Cache" and sync it with my online MYSQL server.
Problem here is, the MySQL data-provider is not showing up when doing the wizzard for the Server/Client properties.

based on the msdn website it is possible to sync the client and server.

In Synchronization Services, the database used on the client-side is SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 SP1. Synchronization Services provides an infrastructure to track incremental changes in the client database. The server-side database can be any database for which there is an ADO.NET provider that includes SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, Oracle, MySQL, and many other database products.

So, i would be happy if SOMEONE could point me in to the right direction or even better point me to a tutorial. But please, no tuts for sync'in SQL servers. Those i found already a lot during my last 5 hour google session.

Thanks in advandce

*NOTE: MySQL Connector is installed.