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I have a simple quick question: does anyone have any recommendations on a graphing with C? I've done some graphing in the past with Python using Matplotlib and rather than re-invent the wheel I was hoping that someone might be able to point me in the right direction for graphing header files.

Please don't read this as a request for an explanation or tutorial, but if anyone knows of a good way to achieve this I'd be greatful. I'm really just looking for a starting point for futher investigation.

Ideally I'd like to produce graphs (line graphs in particular, but having the option for pie, bar and area graphs would also be useful) in a PNG or JPEG format.

I've heard that MATLAB is good from what I've Googled, but if anyone has some experience with Graphing with C I'd love to hear the "good bad and ugly" :)

Thanks for reading this post!

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Wow! Just looked at MATLAB and the license is £1550! If anyone knows of a open source alternative they can recommend that would be great!


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I've just found "FreeMat" which is an open source alternative to MATLAB. Has anyone else used this with C code?


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I have had situations where I needed to graph a complex mathematical model for some application, such as compression, encryption, image, and number theory analysis. I honestly didn't think there were programs out there that do this kind of thing. What I would do instead was just make a GUI application in C to plot the specific nature of my analysis which takes some time to develop but in the end its quite flexible and powerful. Either way this software you mentioned intrigues me.

Thanks for the feedback N1GHTS!

Hi Nezachem

Thanks very much! This is exactly what I was after... cheers!

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