Hello everyone!

I'm really un-patience to get started in creating my own game, mean Text-Based game with python language.

But first i want to make it simple to don't use much words for this question.. ¿Which is a really REALLY good book to start learning python?

I mean, i know the basics of python (How to create a definition with a number, for example:
Money = 500

what i want to do is to create some kind of 'indie-game' with python, in this time an Oil Market, where you can extract oil from the wells, sell it and upgrade your machines, invest money and all kind of stuff like that.

Well,hope someone can help me, maybe i'm looking at the abism with this hard project for me.. but i really want to accomplish something with python :)

Thanks everyone! :)
Have a good day :D

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That game sounds like a good motivator to get started. I wrote a text-based rock paper scissor game to learn early on.

Your best bet is really not a book, but a good online tutorial. I don't remember the ones I followed; however, this one looks good.


Read along, slowly, and do every single example you find. Soon you'll understand how to do what you want. Also, since you're interested in games, once you're comfortable with basic operations in python, consider learning how to make graphical user interfaces in tandem. That way, you'll acquire both skill sets; however, keep in mind that GUI's are more difficult to write because they require a good intuition about python structures in general, so don't get frustrated at first.

I'd recommend tkinter as your GUI development toolkit:


Thanks for your fast answer, Shoe :)

I'm going to take a look at those links you gave me :) , actually i'm using the version 3 of python but it's okay :)

Thanks you! :)

P.S: Any other tip is acceptable :D!

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