I'm looking to further my VB skills but have a writers block on what to create. So if you have any idea or suggestions which i could use for my next project please post a reply.


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Try making a file manager that provides easier (and more practical) file management options (for example, it doesn't stall when a single file is missing or corrupted, because Windows sucks at that!)

windows explorer 'stalls' because of it's timeout duration. Windows Explorer is at the mercy of the devices it's trying to list. If any of those devices experience a delay in returning the information that Windows Explorer is asking for, you'll notice a delay.

Disconnecting network drives and perhaps unplugging other devices could at least give you a clue as to which device is contributing to the delay.

So .. no matter whos' File Manager is used, if it asks for information from a device that takes it's time answering (or doesn't answer at all) there will be a delay.

Another reason for a slow file manager might be that your PC has so much junk and spyware on it that explorer chokes. Do a cleanup.

Now, write a file manager with a timeout configuration value that's user adjustable.


Maybe I've used the wrong term. What I meant by "stall" is that when it displays an error message and then abandons the whole copy/move operation, leaving user in a confusion state of a folder split into two places...

Never had that happen. But I would try ctrl/Z to see if it put everything back.

How about an application that will read and write to an ini file in the same format as windows uses?

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