Hi I am using the following to get the system sound question

but it doesn't populate ?

Public Class SystemSoundItem
        Dim sound As SystemSound, soundName As String
    End Class
    Public Property SoundToPlay As SystemSound
        Set(ByVal value As SystemSound)
        End Set
            SoundToPlay = SystemSounds.Question
        End Get
    End Property

hi Mike. Suspect the root of your problem is this:


plays a beep


doesn't play anything

Not all windows system sounds are allocated an actual wav file by default. In order to get the question.play to actually make a sound you may need to go into control panel to allocate one. This would then have to be done on every computer that used your app.

Might be better off trying something like this:

My.Computer.Audio.Play ("path to sound file goes here")

Thanks for the reply is it possible to play a sound that is in your Resource folder



ops I will try searching first



My.Computer.Audio.Play(My.Resources.Computer, AudioPlayMode.WaitToComplete)