Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition:

This works, but, I need to get the .wav file from Resources:
My.Computer.Audio.Play("C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\OrthoLabRx\OrthoLabRx\Resources\PodVwBy.wav")

I placed the .wav file in Resources, but, I can't seem to access it from there.
This does not work:
It says "value of type 'System.IO.UnmangedMemoryStream' cannot be converted to 'String'.

This worked, but, instead of a click, it played a grinding noise:
Dim sndPing As New SoundPlayer(My.Resources.PodVwBy)

Hi furjaw!
(1)Make sure your path is absolutely correct. It is very long!
(2)Have you not omitted the AudioPlayMode? After wav" add
,AudioPlayMode.Background or.BackgroundLoop or .WaitToComplete)

"WaitToComplete" did the trick!

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