hey im a new coder
and the reason im getting into coding is to do some mathematical tests
ive created several mathematical formulas that i want to turn into a program
i dont have the c++ know how to do this though.
what im wondering is if anyone would like to collaborate with me.
thank you

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oh yeah i got the formulas, if u want i can send them to u. but ill have to explain what they mean and how they work, message me if your interested


Here's a book for you to have your concepts clear: http://bit.ly/qmRTsK

I would recommend a better book.
1) He's from India -- the home of teaching with 20 year old tools
2) He recommends Turbo, Borland, both very old compilers.
3) The code in the chapter questions use void main() which has never been correct.

In other words, he's locked into old techniques and will teach bad habits.


Yea we need your mathematical formulas.
But we need to know also that do you know any programming language? If so-which one?
It will help to create you logic to figure codes.

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