The problem is that some how due to garbage collection timings I am having tradeoff's in my performance. The issue can be generalized as:

public void loop(BlockingQueue<Runnable> queue)
    for(Runnable runnable : queue)//line2
         if(Math.random() > 0.9) System.gc();//line5

Now normally the queue passed as argument will contain more than 40,000 elements normally.
And because I am iterating over the queue in a loop, even though the already 'run' objects are out of scope, they are still not available for garbage Collection because they are in invisible state. hence if i do not have the line 5, then suddenly there will be a huge load on the garbage collector when the method goes out of the stack. Imagine if concurrently many thread accessing the menthod.

1st Question) Is line 5 needed? Any other substitute
2nd Question) If I have to have line 5, i found out the performance was very very bad when compared to not having it.

ultimately garbage collection has to happen? Now when it should happen, I am unable to figure out

They are not eligible for GC, with or without "line 5", as the "Runnables" are still referenced in the queue.

very true, actually incomplete code,
assume that i am taking the element out of the queue.
and then running it. Then the previous runnable will be eligible for gc

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