I have created a small appication to run a number of self extracting archives depending on the option selected.

I have the program working and all is going to plan.

At the moment my program calls the slef extracting zip by pointing to the location on the hard drive (see below) but I am planning on deploying this on a USB Mem Stick so the user can insert > run program > select required updates > DONE.

                        String updateFilePath = "C:\\Test\\UpdateFileZip.exe /auto";
			p = r.exec(updateFilePath);
			//Wait for the file to be extracted before continuing 	
		catch(Exception e){

Should I be including the zip archives as part of the JAR (if so how do I then call them from code) or should I just place them in the same folder as the JAR and lib and refer to them as indicated below. String updateFilePath = "UpdateFileZip.exe /auto"; On a side note the files are approx 700-800MB each and there are 5 of them, I am guessing that this would degrade the performance of the app if they were bundled with the JAR?


Closing this as placing the files in the same folder as the .jar works ok.