hey everyone last week i got an assignment from my teacher.He want me to create a program that have the same interface like tuneup 2011.He told me to use ActiveX Control but i don't understand what he mean !
can you help me how to do it ? i try research on internet but get nothing.
thank for your help..!

You need to complete your own assignment, and must show some effort to get any help here.

Which Version of VB or Visual Studio are you using?

Secondly, did you install the MSDN that came with your software?

The VB Help files are usually included in the MSDN install...

Learn what Active-X means to you in this context.

In the Documentation under Controls Reference it covers "Intrinsic Controls" and "ActiveX Controls"... That should get you started.

I am not familiar with Tune-Up 2011... So, I can't help you with that.

But, you *really* need to get intimately familiar with the Documentation for the version of VB you are using.

I know most of the on-line MSDN is over-ridden with .NET stuff...

If you do not have the MSDN install disk then you are stuck with either buying new or used books are checking them out from yur library.

I am not a lawyer, but, as of VB6 the MSDN License was useable by anyone in the company that owned a license. This means that if your school has a legal license for VB or Visual Studio, it might be transferrable to you the student while you are a student.

Come back in a bit after you've studied a bit more. And, any of us will be glad to walk you through it.

Look, I understand where you're coming from. When I first got into VB6 programming I was totally lost knowing only DOS Based BasicA, GWbasic and QB 4.5...

Forms and controls drove me nuts...

But, over time as I read the literature and played with it it came easier and easier...

Let us know how you're studying is going.

And, when you can tell us you understand the concept (not details) of what an ActiveX Control is.

This link may help: http://www.vb6.us/guides/vb6-controls-guide

Also, it may be beneficial to checkout what's available to you under <projects> <components> watch out for that little checkbox about seeing only selected items...

You might wanna use some ocx files to create such interface..

And i think its really hard just to use VB6 for that without using any other resources..

chamnab, how is it going?

We haven't heard from you in a while, and were wondering if you;d made any progress or if you'd hit a road block and needed help to get through to the next step?

For sure, no one can help you do it but yourself if not, it wont be your own assignment anymore. Keep researching and post progress on your efforts and codes, help may be on its way.


Finally , i finish my assignment.
Thank For Your Helps.