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Yes, of course. In KDevelop it is called a "session" which can contain as many projects as you like. I don't really know how to configure it and all since I use cmake for my build-configuration, which KDevelop supports very well. So, at least, when I am in KDevelop and have my cmake build-tree loaded, I can easily browse the "projects" in the build-tree (i.e. all the static libs and applications sorted by folder and can easily build all or some of them).

I believe you just "start a new session" and then add projects with Project/New.." and so on.

But, generally, as always, with any IDE, I would recommend to use a IDE-agnostic build-system, like cmake, or make, or qmake, or autoconf, or bjam, etc... Don't bound yourself to a single IDE, get used to "real" build-configurations. And for KDevelop, the choice is obviously cmake.

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