I would like to know how to create variables like booleans

When you type a boolean command it look like this

Dim Boo as Boolean
Boo = True
and then you select one

Can this style of preset entries be done for Other Custom Variables

Dim Height as Size
Height = Small


I have found my own answer

'Size Options  
Public Enum Size  
     Small = 0  
     Medium = 1  
     Large = 2  
 End Enum  
 Dim PictureSize as Size  
 PictureSize = Small  
 'and they return  
'   Small = 0  
'   Medium = 1  
'   Large = 2  

or else,
Try using select statements-
dim a as boolean
select a
case 0
request.write("its true")
case 1
request.write("its false")
end select
happy programming....

You can even store string values to the enum variables.

String values are possible using attributes not directly.

Using "Public Enum" looks like the best
method for setting selectable FIXED options
like SIZE(Small, Medium, Large)