I would like to know how to create variables like booleans

When you type a boolean command it look like this

Dim Boo as Boolean
Boo = True
and then you select one

Can this style of preset entries be done for Other Custom Variables

Dim Height as Size
Height = Small


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I have found my own answer

'Size Options  
Public Enum Size  
     Small = 0  
     Medium = 1  
     Large = 2  
 End Enum  
 Dim PictureSize as Size  
 PictureSize = Small  
 'and they return  
'   Small = 0  
'   Medium = 1  
'   Large = 2  
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or else,
Try using select statements-
dim a as boolean
select a
case 0
request.write("its true")
case 1
request.write("its false")
end select
happy programming....

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You can even store string values to the enum variables.

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String values are possible using attributes not directly.

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Using "Public Enum" looks like the best
method for setting selectable FIXED options
like SIZE(Small, Medium, Large)

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