how to transfer datagridview record to listview?

anyone have an idea?

Get the datagridview records into table or dataset and loopthough the recods and add to list view in loop

yes, but i don't know how to code it...

here's my code

but all i want is to transfer all record from gridview to listview

Listview1.Enabled = True
        Dim item As New ListViewItem
        Dim i, j As Integer

        With item

            i = Listview1.CurrentRow.Index.ToString

            item = lstLicense.Items.Add(DataGridView1.Item(0, i).Value.ToString, 0)
            item.SubItems.Add(DataGridView1.Item(1, i).Value.ToString)
            item.SubItems.Add(DataGridView1.Item(2, i).Value.ToString)
            item.SubItems.Add(DataGridView1.Item(3, i).Value.ToString)

        End With

Try using the for loop.

for i as integer=0 to DataGridView1.rows.count-1
     ' Add your code which adds records to list  

Are you using listbox?

thanks it works ^_^

i have same problem but its not working..because my data gridview is in another form and my listview is in another form..i want if i click button my records in datagrid will be transferd in listview wich is in another for....need some help what is the code for this problem..?Tnx

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